We often talk about hockey as being a ‘sport for life’ – and here’s the proof…

As the M60 and M65 squads embark on an exciting and busy international season, players have paused to look back more than 45 years when they took to the pitch for Scotland.

“As we were preparing for the recent Celtic Cup in Aberdeen I came across these snaps of the 1976 Scottish Schoolboys and the Under-21 Scottish Squad,” says Scott Chisholm of the M60s. “It’s quite something – the number of well kent’ faces still playing competitively today.”

The Scottish Schoolboys picture was taken in 1976 when the team were representing Scotland at the Green Shield Home Countries Tournament held at Peffermill, Edinburgh.

The Under-21 Scottish Squad were taking part in the European Qualifiers at Dawson Park, Dundee.

At least six players continue to pull on the jersey for Scotland and they posed for snaps once again at the Celtic Cup in April. The next fixtures for those agegroups include the Great Britain and Ireland 4 Nations in Southgate, London, in May and the main event – the Masters World Cup in Tokyo. It’s a far cry from the grass pitches of Edinburgh and Dundee from the 70s…

“Hopefully after 46 years of International hockey we’ll be experienced enough to take the silverware back to Scotland,” laughed Scott.

The joy of six
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