Pic: Jen Kirkwood

At Scottish Masters Hockey we want to field strong teams across all agegroups, coached and managed by quality personnel.

Typically, we will organise training blocks which start every autumn for players to attend and put themselves forward for selection. We are keen to see as many players from across the agegroups as possible. So don’t be modest – discover whether you’re eligible to play for Scotland (see below), check out our Selection Framework Criteria 2022-2026 and watch out for the dates of the start of the new training programme.

Please note that all players attending selection must be registered with Scottish Hockey, and must be members of Scottish Masters Hockey. (Note that if you are currently involved with a Scottish hockey club you will be registered with Scottish Hockey. Otherwise register as a casual member).

Email us to find out more, and to register and confirm details.

Eligibility criteria

To be eligibile to play masters hockey for Scotland, you must meet criteria 1, 2 and one from section 3 below:

  1. Be an affiliated member of Scottish Hockey
  2. Meet the FIH or WMH regulations for the competition
  3. Meet one of the requirements of a), b), c) or d) below:

a) Been born in Scotland.

b) Have one parent or grandparent who was born in Scotland

c) Are married to or in a civil partnership with a Scot as defined in (a) or (b).

d) Have the continuous reisdency period in Scotland as defined below:

  • 35-55 – 5 year residency  
  • 60 – 4 year residency 
  • 65 – 3 year residency 
  • 70 – 2 year residency 
  • 75 – 1 year residency

Evidence will be required to show the required eligibility. For clarity with regard to the residency period, if the residency period is completed by 31st December then the player is eligible to compete in competitions during that year.

In addition to the above criteria, to be eligible a player must also –

  • have not played for another international team in a Masters’ competition during the last one year.