Scottish Masters Hockey (SMH) was set up following the formation of World Masters Hockey and its affiliation to FIH. This saw National Hockey Associations taking responsibility for Masters Hockey in their country.

Scottish Hockey wanted a single over-arching body to coordinate and represent all international squads in Scotland for men and women from age 35 upwards. In Scotland this includes women’s squads from 35 to over 65 and men’s squads from 35 to over 70.

SMH has a Board which consists of four Directors:

  • President – Jacky Burnett
  • Vice President – Bernie Morrison
  • Treasurer – Fraser Auld
  • Secretary – Niall Sturrock

and representatives from:

  • M35-M55 International Committee (1) – Steven Grubb
  • M60-M75 International Committee (1) – Gordon Mackenzie
  • Women’s International Committee (2) – Linda Barry and Cath Stirling
  • Umpire and Officials Committee (1) – Ian Moss

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International Committees

The International Committees are made up of one representative from each of the age group squads (and in some cases other members with key skills) and are responsible to the Board for the administration and financial management of each of their squads’ activities. This includes the adherence to SMH policies and procedures (e.g. SMH Selection Framework Criteria).

The International Committees are tasked with receiving feedback from members within their age groups and, where appropriate, forwarding recommendations, requests or queries to the Board for resolution. They also receive and cascade communications from the Board to age group representatives for onward circulation to members.

Age group squads

Age group squads are required to nominate a coordinator who is the key contact along with someone responsible for financial aspects and at least one other member who would act as their management group. This group can also be responsible for selection along with other nominated individuals including the coach.

Age group management groups are required to nominate a representative who should attend the relevant International Committee meetings. They are also required to provide an individual to attend  Manager/Coordinator meetings that SMH organise.

W35s after beating Argentina in the World Cup, 2022. Pic: Ali Hosie