Scottish Masters Hockey (SMH) today unveil their new-look website and social media accounts.

“We hope people will find the website a go-to for tournament and playing information,” said Jacky Burnett, President of SMH, “as well as a gateway to becoming part of the SMH family.”

Alongside the website, SMH have re-launched their Twitter and Instagram accounts, which will feature news, training info, match results and stories about the people who make Scottish Masters Hockey what it is.

“Being part of SMH isn’t just about pulling on the blue and white,” added Jacky, “it’s about coaching, managing, officiating, administrating and supporting a great sport, and we want our digital channels to reflect that.”

The go-live of the official digital SMH accounts continues the progress of SMH in representing international masters hockey players in Scotland and promoting their activities.

SMH was set up as a company in December 2020 to coordinate and represent all international squads in Scotland for men and women from age 35 upwards. In Scotland this includes women’s squads from 35 to over 65 and men’s squads from 35 to over 70. SMH held its inaugural AGM in March 2021, and is governed by a board.

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