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Scotland’s M70s

The Scottish Masters M60s, M65s and the M70s travelled down to Swansea on the 12th May to take part in the GB&I 4 Nations tournament.

The weather in Swansea was superb, which took it’s toll on the fair Scots.

Poor start

Things didn’t begin well for the M60s, who had to change their squad around due to non availability and injury, and that did affect their performance. 

Their first game against an extremely strong England side ended in a 6-0 defeat. Despite the result they played well as a unit.

A 2-0 loss to Wales was the most disappointing of their weekend, as the M60s did not produce the quality game they knew they had in them. After a serious post match discussion the next day, they rallied and worked as a team to beat Ireland 3-0. What a difference from the day before.

Under pressure

The M65s knew they had taken a strong squad to Swansea but faced an equally robust English side. The Scots raced to a 1-0 lead, with England levelling in Q2. Scotland had further chances, but eventually the pressure told and England replied with a further two goals, the game ending 3-1.

Against the hosts they were a goal down within seven minutes, but then the dynamic duo Donny Hay and Billy Taylor ignited and slotted away three goals at the break. They continued to dominate, and this resulted in another Taylor goal. Then two goals from captain Benny Gibson, and a PC strike from Niall Sturrock gave them a convincing 7-1 win. 

The squad went into their final game against Ireland full of confidence. It was great to see different players on the score sheet in this match. Gordon Mackenzie with two and Gurdial Duhre slotting away two field goals.


The M70s also had to juggle around their squad due to injury. Against England, they were three goals down after Q2, losing 4-0, thanks in part to a hat-trick from Tim Smith of England.

Day two saw the M70s take the game to Wales. Hew Bishop converted a penalty corner, then Steve Laux netted a fine field goal. In the final minute Wales struck back from a PC. The M70s were delighted with their efforts and the win.

With hearts lifted they were looking forward to their final game against Ireland. Unfortunately, due to injury the Irish could not supply a full team. This resulted in a 5-0 walkover for Scotland. They did however play an Ireland select made up of the M60s,65s and 70s. This resulted in a 6-1 victory for Scotland, Glenn Paton with two, Les Mitchell, George Finlayson,Tim Lorimer and Peter Gordon all added their names to the scoresheet.


All in all the weekend was a success for all the Scottish squads, and they leave Swansea full of confidence.

The M60s may have been disappointed with their results, but learned so much from the weekend. The Ireland game showed them how well they could play as a unit.

The M65s left with high hopes for the European Championships, especially with so many players being on the score sheet.

Finally, the M70s must be happy with their performance even though they had injuries and a reduced squad.

Onwards and upwards towards Valencia in June. 

Sunny in Swansea
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