The annual matches against England, Ireland and Wales were hosted by England at Southgate Hockey Club in North London between July 14-16. The 40s, 45s, 50s and 55s teams competed. The 60s decided instead to concentrate on their upcoming tournament in Antwerp, Belgium which started on Wednesday, June 19.

Southgate proved to be an excellent venue with Steve Floyd from England Hockey heading up the administration and Scotland providing three umpires in Aileen Ross, Anna Watson and Sarah Couper.

With a European or World Cup occurring every year now, this tournament is becoming a stepping stone to the ‘big’ event. Not surprisingly given their greater player base, England were dominant in all age groups but there were games which were too close for comfort for the hosts.

The final score does not always reflect the amount of possession and territory the other teams command. Scotland certainly competed against the other countries but often simply failed to create or convert scoring opportunities. The 55s were the most successful, losing out on first place by the odd goal to England.

Scottish teams are showing the benefits of engaging coaches with play becoming faster and more confident with players determination and hard work to take their advice and guidance obvious where it matters – on the pitch.   

Although scores were disappointing all players have returned home determined and focussed to work on fitness and basic skills before they meet the challenge of the European Cup.


Day 1

40s Scotland   v  Wales     0 – 3

45s Scotland   v  Wales     1  – 1

50s Scotland   v  Ireland   0  – 0

55s Scotland   v England   0 – 1

Day 2

40s Scotland   v   Ireland    0 – 4

45s Scotland   v   England   0 – 2

50s Scotland   v   Wales      1 – 0

55s Scotland   v   Wales      2 – 1

Day 3

40s Scotland   v   England     0 – 10

45s Scotland   v   Ireland       0 – 3

50s Scotland   v   England     1 – 3

55s Scotland   v   Ireland       1 – 0

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Second place the highlight of Home Nations 2019